About Greg Martineau Projects

Windows, doors and siding are just the beginning ... a message from Greg Martineau

My signature is my company's logo. And that means a great deal to me. I put my name to every installation we undertake — so I insist on the standards I would expect for my own home. I always want to go beyond expectations, not just fulfill an order.

For me, that starts when we visit you to quote on a project. We take a little longer than some of our competitors because we want to see how our installation fits into your vision for your entire home. We're here to solve problems, not sell windows. We're here to add value to your home and help you to enjoy every room to its maximum potential. for most of us, home is our biggest investment — emotionally as well as financially. We understand the trust you place in us.

I insist that everyone at Greg Martineau Projects lives up to our values:

  • we'll always show up on time
  • we'll keep our promises
  • we'll be extremely polite
  • we'll always give a little more than the customer expected

You have to earn trust in our business, and those core values are my bottom line. Trust is a major part of a customer’s decision on a a major investment like new windows, doors or siding — as it should be. For 20 years, Greg Martineau projects has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I'm proud to say that half of our business comes from existing customers and referrals.

I've spent my working life helping homeowners to transform their properties. I'm still actively involved on worksites because I love to see what clients are trying to achieve with their renovations.

Our mission is to be the leader in residential renovations in Calgary and surrounding area. We pride ourselves on building customers for life. We believe our company’s reputation is founded on our service to homeowners who are looking for advice and expertise, not just a retailer of windows, doors and siding. We are constantly learning new and better ways to help homeowners find the renovation solutions they need.

If you have a problem with Greg Martineau products or services, or if you want to sing our praises, I'd like to hear from you. You can contact me here at [email protected].

Greg Martineau