The GMP Team of Experts

There's a whole team here to help you from start to finish


GMP stays in touch with you from your first call until the job is complete. In the planning stages, you'll probably speak to coordinators Jerril, Nicole or Jenny first, then they will book you in with our sales team of Trevor or Andrew.

Starting with Trevor and Andrew, we'll happily share technical knowledge that goes beyond just windows, doors and siding. We'll help you to avoid unnecessary expense by discussing all the implications of your renovation, such as electrical and plumbing concerns.

As most people know, a home renovation often encounters challenges not anticipated in the original scope of work. We have a team with knowledge of every trade, so that we can help overcome those unplanned events. Our coordinators can also work around your busy schedule to reduce inconvenience for you and your family.

Product quality

GMP sources windows, doors and siding from some of the most reputable suppliers in North America. Even so, Ty and Dan in the warehouse check every piece when it arrives for quality and accuracy.


GMP is very selective when we recruit installation crews, under Paul's leadership. They have to meet the personal criteria of president Greg Martineau — and he prides himself on ensuring that crews are well trained and skilled, personable, clean and able provide to our customers the level of service that they would get from our employees.

Greg: The man behind the signature

If you have any problem that the rest of the team can't solve, you can always ask for Greg.

Greg Martineau

Greg founded Greg Martineau Projects in 1995, after many years of experience in the construction industry. Greg cribbed and framed homes all over Calgary and beyond. During that time he learned how windows, doors and siding could transform the comfort and aesthetics of any home.

When the time was right to open his own business, Greg was naturally drawn to the installation of doors, windows and siding. He had developed a passion for helping homeowners make the most of their property for a modest investment. It’s fair to say that there’s probably no one in the Calgary area who is responsible for the installation of as many windows as Greg!

Greg continues to visit worksites, and he oversees the entire GMP operation instilling the company's core values:

  • show up on time
  • keep your promises
  • be extremely polite
  • always give a little more than expected
Lee Martineau, BBA Marketing
Commercial Sales, Special Project Sales

Lee wears a few hats at the GMP office but his major focus is supplying windows, doors and siding to large projects such as condos, and multi-story high-rise buildings in and around Calgary. Much of the time, he works with commercial building owners, managers, property management companies and engineering firms to find solutions to their renovation needs. Lee has completed the Building Envelope Performance Course through ABEC and BCIT.

Lee also oversees our work practices, having completed his auditor training program through the Alberta Construction Safety Association in 2011.

Lee is a graduate of Mount Royal University (Bachelor of Business Administration 2010).

His interests outside work include wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing, and climbing. He is proud to volunteer with the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta and the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre.

Ian Folinsbee (CMA)

Ian is responsible for all accounting duties and oversees the administration in the office. The buck definitely stops with Ian. He ensures that GMP uses all the systems we have in place to make the delivery of our products happen on budget and on time.

Dana Johnson
Assistant Controller

Dana is in charge of accounts payable and accounts receivable. As the senior accountant, with over 25 years experience, she produces full cycle reports and financial statements. Dana has been with GMP since 2004.

Dana runs to keep fit. She likes to cook and entertain with friends and family.

Jerril Richert
Reception / Sales Coordinator

Jerril answers all calls coming into the office either by phone or through the web-site, schedules all the sales calls and monitors the GMP Chat line. She has been a fixture at Greg Martineau Projects since 2003. If you call Greg Martineau there's a very high probability you'll speak with Jerril.

With over 30 years experience in sales and customer service, Jerril knows the ins and outs of the installation process. She can help you to find the right person to speak to if you have questions she can't answer. Her main role is to help new and previous clients get an accurate estimate for replacing their windows, doors or siding.

Nicole Mills

Nicole schedules all GMP's installation teams, as well as service calls. Nicole is the main point of contact for the customers once a project is live. If you have any questions about the installation timetable for your windows, doors or siding, you should call Nicole.

Jenny Lao

Jenny reviews all the deliveries of windows and doors coming into the GMPO warehouse. She confirms that they match the customer order accurately for size, colour and material specification. Jenny is responsible for ordering all window and door products from the manufacturers, making sure that it arrives in time for your installation date.

Jenny will also answer the phone and schedules sales appointments when the sales coordinator Jerril is busy.

Tyrell Waldo
Inventory Control and Project Coordinator

Tyrell, known as Ty, oversees the warehouse. His role is to maintain proper inventory levels for standard products, such as tape and caulking, that are required on every install. He also coordinates projects with our commercial division estimating jobs, ordering product and assisting in cost control.

Ty a graduate of the SAIT Civil Engineering Technology program. He has been with Greg Martineau Projects since 2015. He recently rebuilt his deck and fence and is a true outdoorsman, enjoying biking, hunting, and hiking.

Dan Carr
Warehouse Manager, Moisture Control

Dan receives product into our warehouse — he's an important piece in our quality control process. He inspects every window and door as it comes off the truck for damage. Dan assembles each job inventory with the proper products that will accompany the window, door or siding install. He monitors warehouse stock levels, maintains all our equipment and keeps the warehouse spick-and-span.

Renée Scott
Deliveries and Site Clean Up
Renée picks up and delivers installation materials required on site for all our window, door or siding jobs. Renée also assists in site clean up when siding has been installed.
Andrew Lemkes
Partner, Residential sales

Andrew is an expert in window, door and siding installation. He sees everything from the homeowner's point of view. Will this add value? Will this room get too hot in summer? What's the best kind of siding for a mid-century home? Andrew visits every customer’s home in person to make sure that GMP fully understands the home and the renovation project. He provides the estimate to complete the work and draws up the contract.

Andrew ensures that the right windows, doors and siding are ordered for each job. If you need advice on any aspect of your renovation, not just windows or doors, ask Andrew. If he doesn't know the answer, he can point you to someone who does. He is always available for feedback.

Trevor Hamilton
Residential Sales

Trevor's vast knowledge of window, door and siding trends allows him to realize the customer's vision of what their home can become. He works collaboratively with homeowners suggesting new ideas and configurations that may not be obvious in the early stages. Trevor looks at all aspects of the enhancement of the home, from aesthetics to efficiency, and even re-sale value, as part of understanding a customer's expectations.

Trevor is always available to discuss product choices or installation requirements during the planning process. He welcomes feedback from homeowners at every stage of the process, to see how we can improve.

Trevor is a born and raised Calgarian who has always had an interest in construction and renovation. To prove it, every winter, Trevor creates a replica NHL rink in his backyard, with lights, boards and appropriate under-ice decals.

Lee Martineau, BBA Marketing
Commercial Sales, Marketing Coordinator

Lee wears a few hats at the GMP office but his major focus is supplying windows, doors and siding to large projects such as condos, and multi-story high-rise buildings. Much of the time, he works with commercial building owners, managers, property management companies and engineering firms to find solutions to their renovation needs.

Lee also oversees our work practices mandated under the strict Occupational Health and Safety standards for Alberta. Th result is safer installs for our workforce and for property owners.

Paul Carr
Construction Manager

Paul has been residential construction manager at Greg Martineau Projects since November 2005. Prior to that he was a long-standing member of the installation team.

Paul's main task is to streamline installations, putting the right people where their skills are best utilized. Paul is GMP's problem-solver when any unexpected issues come up and he is the go-to guy for customer questions regarding the installation of windows, doors and siding for their home.

Paul is always ready to share his 40 years of expertise in building envelope renovation techniques with interested homeowners. He sets the standards for our commercial and residential installs, and trains and monitors our installation crews.

Outside work, Paul enjoys snowmobiling in winter, and camping and fishing in the summer.

Terry Carr
Service Technician, Moisture Control

Terry has been an installer of windows, doors and siding GMP since 1999. He became our service tech in 2009. Terry visits a customer home for minor repairs under warranty and for smaller installs that don't require the whole team.

Daryl Harder
Commercial Site Superintendent

Daryl oversees construction on our large commercial projects, supervising GMP installation crews. He works with engineers and condo boards to ensure a quality install of windows, doors and siding whilst maintaining safety on site. It is Darryl's responsibility to provide construction expertise and supervision on projects with as few as 4 to as many as 40 workers on site. He ensures the safety of all workers, as well as the public during the course of the project. Darryl also ensures projects remain on schedule and within budget.