Design Software – Keeping You in the Picture

If you’re considering a renovation project, you can take a digital photograph of your home’s exterior and send it to us. At Greg Martineau Projects, we can use your photograph to show you what your home would look like if, for example, we were to install new windows, doors, siding, stone, garage doors or apply new paint.

Virtual Views

Throughout North America, many manufacturers have extensive digital libraries of their exterior home products. These have all been digitally photographed, to showcase their exact size, colour, texture. These online libraries offer a revolutionary approach to selecting products that maximize your home’s curb appeal. Design software can also create digital libraries featuring interior tile, hardwood flooring, carpets, paint and more. This allows you to assess the potential added value in detail, before you actually commit to completing the work. The look created by the software is real and helps to remove much of the doubt from your decision-making.

Leading the Way

I designed that design software back in 2000. It’s now used by thousands of companies in my industry throughout Canada and the United States. At Greg Martineau Projects, it’s hardly surprising that we see this software as crucial to us offering you the finest renovation experience.

The software is an invaluable marketing tool that takes the customer’s the buying experience to a whole new level. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our digital library then send us pictures of your home, telling us what you’re interested in. We’ll send that picture back to you, complete with a range of options for your home improvement project. Based on our recommendations, we always feel confident enough to ask you for your business.