Thinking Of Changing Your Siding?

Two modern alternatives to wood

The existing exterior siding on your home is typically wood, vinyl or stucco.

But whatever it may be, if you are thinking of replacing it, this is the time to make your home look and perform at its best.

There are decisions to make on whether or not to remove the existing siding or to go over it. This is something a good sales person can give you expert advice.

Obviously, you are not going to put new siding over rotting wood. Covering it up will only allow it to continue to rot. But if you had stucco that is relatively straight and in good shape, strap it and go over it.

This is also a perfect time to upgrade your insulation. Styrofoam blue adds an R-factor of 5 for every inch you put. You can go up to 2 inches thick, adding a total of R-10 to your walls.

Vinyl siding is getting a bit of a bad rap with the fire concerns but in reality the vinyl polymer is made from 57 per cent salt, a plentiful natural resource that, by its nature, resists combustion. This can help slow down fire and save lives.

Vinyl siding is a long-lasting performer that lets you achieve the look you want with a variety of profiles and decorative colours. It is a great choice if you want superior performance and lasting protection.

We also provide James Hardie fibre cement siding. It is built to stand up to sheets of rain, dry heat, freezing temperatures, and ice and snow or hurricane force winds.

James Hardie combines innovative solutions with a relentless commitment to increase the value and character of your home, so that it can give you the confidence to make your vision possible. It has a 30-year warranty that speaks for itself.

Both products are available on a trial basis on our website. This is unique software that allows you to upload a photo of your home and play with all the colours and profiles available from Royal Building Products and James Hardi.