When we find good installation crews, we keep them happy.

A new window, door or siding is only as good as the tradespeople installing it.

Window, door and siding installation is a seasonal business. No one can keep a full-time installation crew busy all year round, which means that hiring crews at peak times is essential. At Greg Martineau, we look for long-term relationships with the best installer crews because we recognize how vital they are to customer satisfaction.

So we treat our installers with the respect they deserve. They repay us with consistent quality and loyalty. Here's how we work with them.

1. Maximize efficiency

Being in business for nearly 20 years has its advantages. We’ve learned a lot, and one thing we know is that installers hate wasting time as much as we do. So we share clear, well-understood systems to plan and schedule work – all of which maximize our crews’ efficiency.

2. Regular schedules

Nobody likes having to work Sunday morning because a job has fallen behind schedule, or sitting idle because a disorganized contractor hasn’t planned properly; that's a recipe for burnt out, unhappy installers. Greg Martineau ensures crews work 5 days a week – with weekends off.

3. Pay and reward

Besides offering excellent rates to installers, we pay installers at the interview stage. If they have all the right tools and maintain a clean, professional truck and trailer, we also pay a monthly allowance to put our name on their vehicles.

4. Start from the ground up

Anyone who has an excellent work ethic, references and a driver’s license can get started with us. We like to introduce them to the Greg Martineau's service and quality standards, which we believe helps make the entire industry better.