Residential Windows, Doors and Siding

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Your windows on the world

A beautiful blue sky. A sunny summer's day. Crisp snow under a full moon. Fall leaves in the yard. Windows bring nature's ever-changing light into your home. Windows transform four walls into a living room or a lounge, a studio or a nursery. Outside, your choice of window frames stamps your personal style on your home, your choice of colour, your choice of material.

Your windows on the world

Improve the look and value of your property development with energy efficient, high performing windows.


Siding is the ultimate protection for your home

Your choice of siding depends a great deal on the weather. Perhaps you live in a sheltered south-facing spot -- or maybe you face winter's northern winds. Your siding is the first layer of protection for your family. It's also a way to bring a splash of colour into your life, with a wide palette now available, especially in fibre cement.

Siding is the ultimate protection for your home

Give your property development an overall aesthetic boost by letting us install vinyl or cement siding.


Doors that speak volumes

A well-chosen door says volumes about the people who own a home. The colour of the paint, or the grain of the wood, the glass panels, even the door handle — they all paint a picture of the character of the homeowner. A front door is a guest's first introduction to your home — the first and lasting impression.

Doors that speak volumes

Provide security and durability to your development with our exterior doors.

Thinking Of Changing Your Siding?
Two modern alternatives to wood

The existing exterior siding on your home is typically wood, vinyl or stucco.

But whatever it may be, if you are thinking of replacing it, this is the time to make your home look and perform at its best.

There are decisions to make on whether or not to remove the existing siding or to go over it. This is something a good sales person can give you expert advice.

What our customers have to say

Andrew (our sales person) was great; pleasant and kept to his word. Installation went smoothly and everything went as expected. Highly recommended.

Misha Mackinnon