Types of Doors

Entryways & Front Doors

Entryway Doors

Making a grand entrance

Doors have always been a focal point in the design of a quality home. After all, the front door gives visitors their first taste of your interior design aesthetic. It is often the transition from exterior colour schemes to interiors.

Through the combination of doors, side-lights, transoms, and selecting from the hundreds of slab and door-light alternatives we offer, you can create spectacular customized entrances that complement the architectural style of your home.

Standard or tall, glass or no glass

One of the major decisions on doorways is height. An oversize door makes a big impression at 8' high, compared to a standard door at 6' 8". The next big question is glass or no glass. Today's doors come with many glass options, from simple clear insets to ornate leaded glass effects.

Door materials and maintenance

Wood effect: Greg Martineau recommends PlyGem fibreglass doors. Wood effect doors are made from fibreglass with a surface finish that resembles natural fir, oak and mahogany. These doors tend to be more traditional in style, with panels or smaller glass insets. They do not need to be stained or painted, varnished or sealed against the weather.

Solid wood panel effect: These fibreglass doors can be painted just like wood. Unlike wood, they won't rot, warp or crack. Greg Martineau can arrange for doors to be painted professionally off-site.

Steel entry doors: Steel coating adds a level of security to fibreglass doors. The steel skin also holds paint for longer than wood, so this is a low maintenance option.

Go door-to-door: Drive or better still walk around your neighbourhood and look at what your neighbours have installed. Do you want a traditional door that blends in, or do you want to make a statement?

Sliding & Patio Doors

Bring the outside in with lots of glass

Sliding patio doors

PlyGem sliding doors are an excellent choice when space is at a premium. There are two, three or four panel options, with three heights: 6'8", 6'10", and 8'. The frame is 100% PVC for durability and insulation. Outside, aluminum cladding adds to durability and enables five colour options.

Traditional garden doors

PlyGem garden doors are hinged, out-swing or in-swing, two or three panels. Fiber Stain doors look like real wood, but don't warp or rot. Fiber Tuff doors are also made from fibreglass, but can be painted like wood. Steel-coated doors are also maintenance-free, with a polyurethane foam core for excellent insulation.

Sun room science: Consider LoE (low emissivity) coatings on glass used on your patio. It helps control the amount of heat transmitted, without tinting the glass.