Door Replacement Calgary: Getting New Doors

Keeping the cold out, in style

Your front door is where guests get a sense of your home decor, as you transition from the street to your home. A tired, badly fitting door reflects badly on what's inside. It can be a missed opportunity to introduce visitors to your design aesthetic. Nowadays, GMP can source doors that offers styles such as mid-century, arts & crafts, and rustic, as well as the more traditional wooden panel doors. You can also now choose from a broad range of decorative glass insets.

How do you know if it's time to replace your doors?

Ill-fitting doors?

Over time, older doors can warp and hinges can wear out. The net result is a door that doesn't seal well. You'll see your heating bills rise and, if the door is wooden, it may start to rot as moisture penetrates at the edges. Your old door may not be solid, so again lacks insulation properties.

High maintenance doors?

If you have a wooden door, you'll know that it needs to be painted regularly. And you'll also know that painting a panel door properly takes time and skill. After many coats of paint, you'll struggle to achieve a perfect finish.

New door solutions

Greg Martineau Projects can install a new door in roughly three hours. We recommend PlyGem doors, which means you have the choice of fibreglass or steel-coated. Both options cut down on maintenance. Fibreglass even looks like wood, with authentic grain textures. Modern doors have the advantage of polyurethane foam cores, helping to keep your home warm and a little quieter.

With fibreglass, you can paint the door any colour you want. Greg Martineau recommends professional painting due to its prominent position in your home, and we can supply the door pre-painted to your specifications.

As well as standard 6' 8" doors, you can make an impression with 8' doors in some styles. There are also many options to choose from in terms of sidelights, hardware, locking devices, frames and sills.

Patio or garden doors, too

GMP also installs patio doors, bringing the outdoors into your life. Essentially, you get full window ventilation that looks like a door. You can choose a more traditional look, variations on the French doors theme, or go for sliding doors. Each has its appeal, depending on the configuration of your internal rooms and your garden patio.