Door, Window & Siding Installation Process

What you can expect before, during and after your renovation.

Before the project
  • The homeowner signs the contract of work and pays the deposit
  • The homeowner is given an approximate time for the install
  • The homeowner will be updated on the status of the install
  • Our warehouse receives the product, inspects it for any shipping damage, and checks that we have everything we need to complete the install

When all your windows, doors and other materials have been received at our warehouse, our scheduling department will contact you to confirm and exact day and time for your project to begin.

Prepare your home for our installers

To prepare for our arrival, all window coverings and hardware need to be removed. Furniture must be pushed back, to allow clear access to the windows. Inside your home, our installers need enough room to be able to swing a hammer.

Outside, lawn furniture, BBQs and other equipment also needs to be moved clear of the working area. While we do provide drop cloths for your floors, you may want to cover some of your furniture, since it can become dusty. There will also be wall vibrations during the installation, so you may want to remove pictures and other fragile objects from nearby walls and tables.

What's not supplied by GMP

Passage sets, deadbolts and doorbells are not supplied. If you’re having new doors installed, you’ll need to provide new lock sets and passage sets for the day of installation. We can’t guarantee that any of your existing hardware will be reusable. What's more, if you’d like a new lockset keyed the same as an existing one, you should discuss this at the time of purchase with a hardware specialist.

Existing storm doors usually won’t fit your new doors. If you’re buying new window coverings, don’t purchase these before your new windows are installed. We can’t guarantee that any new blinds you purchase before installation will fit in your new windows.

If your home is equipped with an alarm system, it’s your responsibility to notify the alarm company, prior to the start of the renovation. Alarm sensors that are located on existing windows and doors will need to be removed, before being reinstalled on their new windows and doors by an alarm professional.

During installation
  • The installation crew arrive on site with the complete product and install it.
  • The installation crew will clean up every day they are on site.
  • The installation crew will review the installation with the customer if they are at home and ask for payment of the balance. Credit cards are accepted.
  • If payment is not made to the installer, the office will be in touch the next day for payment.

Responsibilities during the install

During installation, care and attention is always given to flower beds, shrubs and trees close to your home. However, our product is large and heavy. As a result, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any damage to plants and trees.

Similarly, if your home has a stucco exterior, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any damage during installation. As the homeowner, you’re responsible for any stucco repairs that may be required once our work is completed.

Issues can arise if you’ve purchased windows or doors that are significantly different in size to existing ones. There may also be problems if installation is taking place where doors or windows did not previously exist. Electrical wiring or plumbing may be exposed once the drywall has been cut away. If this happens, our office staff will coordinate with an electrician or plumber to remedy the situation. Any additional costs that may arise are the responsibility of the homeowner and will be billed directly from the relevant trades.

During this process, the new casing may not always cover existing paint lines. The homeowner is responsible for any and all interior painting and touch ups that may be needed on walls, as a result of the retro fit. Exterior doors are also primed only and any painting or staining is the responsibility of the customer.

After removing existing windows, doors or siding, problems may become apparent that were unforeseen by your sales representative. In these situations, you’ll be notified of any additional charges.

After installation

The homeowner is contacted by the office to ensure that the installation crews lived up to GMP's standards of conduct, that they cleaned up thoroughly and, most important, that the customer is satisfied with the result.

  • GMP encourages homeowners to fill out the warranty activation card/review. All of these are read by Greg Martineau and all feedback is taken seriously, with remedial action taken where necessary.
  • GMP offers a 10 year warranty on product and installation plus additional manufacturer warranties for residential and 5 years for commercial. The homeowner should go online immediately to activate the warranty if they have not completed a warranty activation card.
  • Homeowner details are stored for future reference, as well as for marketing purposes.