Helping you plan your renovations

Expert advice on budgeting for new windows, doors and siding

Greg Martineau's expert team can help you to make informed decisions about your home renovation. When we visit, we'll assess your home's existing windows, doors, and siding so that we fully understand your needs. We'll explain how your investment might contribute towards increased comfort, lower energy costs and enhanced re-sale potential.

Tune-up or major renovation

The first decision to make is how much to invest. It may be that all you need to solve your problem is two new windows, or a new door. We're happy to help with that -- we call it a Greg Martineau Tune-Up. We're also more than capable of working as part of a larger team to deliver a full renovation. Just call us to get some expert advice on which way to go — a consultation is free.

Detailed estimate, full technical specification

Every quotation covers three important topics:

  1. Cost of each product, including installation
  2. Measurements and design of each product
  3. Technical specifications of each product and description of labour required

Your salesperson will offer you alternatives, so that you can budget effectively. For example, vinyl siding is cheaper than James Hardie fibre cement siding. But, given your needs, which one is best for you? Your estimate will make it clear what the pros and cons are for each choice.


From this information, we'll help you to prioritize your project. Perhaps it's better to do a couple of windows this year, then complete the job next year. If you plan to replace windows, doors and siding alongside other renovations, we can help decide which order makes most sense, technically and from a budgeting perspective. At Greg Martineau, we work around your schedule; we're happy to break a larger project into smaller tasks.