How to Plan Your Renovations

A free consultation with a windows, doors and siding expert

Call Greg Martineau for a free home consultation with one of our experts. You can reach us by phone on 403-250-8201 or 310-GREG. If you prefer email, use [email protected]. Our office will schedule a time that works for you and our expert salesperson.

What happens during the consultation

Our salesperson will provide you with free advice on choosing a product type that best suits the needs of your home. There are many aspects to consider. Obviously, we'll discuss what type of windows, doors and siding you would like, as well as your budget. GMP will also want to know about the orientation of your home, since this has an impact on the choice of window coverings. We'll want to ask about any other renovation plans you may have to see how new windows, doors or siding fit into the overall scheme.The salesperson will discuss lead times — should you do a full reno, or a tune-up in phases? You will be able to ask detailed questions about the choice of materials, colours, hardware and energy-efficiency features, as well as view images of previous successful projects.

Getting an accurate quotation

If the job is smaller the salesperson may be able to supply a quote at the first meeting. The salesperson will take lots of measurements and, with your permission, some photos of your home to help.

Getting started

If you decide to go ahead with Greg Martineau Projects to complete your renovation, contact our office to arrange the salesperson to drop by to get all final measurements, sign a contract and collect the deposit.

Deposit and payment options

GMP asks for a 30% deposit with the balance on completion. A 10% holdback is granted if there are deficiencies. You will receive a follow-up call within one business day of your installation, to discuss your satisfaction with the completion of your project, and to arrange for final payment. You can pay both deposit and balance using Visa or Mastercard.

If something goes wrong ...

On occasion, scheduling or completion of your project may be delayed due to circumstances beyond GMP's control. For example, there may be manufacturing issues, shipping problems, or scheduling difficulties. In addition, although, Greg Martineau Projects work on installations throughout the year, we can't install in adverse weather conditions. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do not offer compensation resulting from unforeseen circumstances.