How to choose the right window

Every room is different. Which window goes where?

The good news is that all modern windows are essentially the same. With Greg Martineau, you can customize window sizes and types to fit almost anywhere you want them. Just ask your sales expert during their visit. There's no such thing as a 'dumb question' when it comes to an investment in new windows.

Kitchen & bathroom windows

Condensation - A big issue in kitchens and bathrooms. Solution: you may want to consider triple-glazing.

Easy maintenance - A top priority in kitchens and bathrooms. There's a lot of moisture that can lead to gunk settling in the tracks of slider windows. Solution: Choose an awning window instead of a slider.

No more painting - Wooden windows in the kitchen or bathroom will require repainting regularly. Solution: Avoid regular maintenance and go with a vinyl window instead. This applies to both kitchen and bathroom because of the moisture from showers or the sink, or perhaps grease in the kitchen from cooking.

Living areas

Views - If you have a great view, you probably want to enlarge your existing windows or re-configure the design of existing windows to enhance the view and maximize curb appeal. Solution: Our sales team can guide you through the process of making windows bigger because this may have structural considerations. You can combine smaller casement or awning windows for ventilation with larger fixed picture windows.

Comfort control - More glass means more light and heat potential. Solution: Comfort can be enhanced by adding in an operable window (casement or awning) to allow air flow. Different glass coatings can reduce glare and heat transmission.

Fading - Carpets, drapes and furniture can fade if there's too much direct sunlight. Solution: Glass technology uses coating options that can reduce heat in the summer or reduce the ultra violet (UV) transmission protecting furnishings.