Window Materials

A closer look at windows

Different materials affect prices and performance

Window frames can be made out of wood, clad-wood, aluminum or vinyl. The best material for your home depends on a number of factors. And don't forget, the glass — there are more choices than you might have imagined.

High maintenance for good looks

Calgary Wood Windows
Many wood frame windows still exist; if you maintain the exterior properly to prevent moisture from rotting the frame over time,...

Warm, strong and durable

Calgary Clad Wood Windows
Metal clad-wood windows are the most expensive. It is not because they are always the best, but because they cost a lot to make....

Strong and durable

Calgary Aluminum Windows
Aluminum windows today come in more colours than the traditional white, brown and silver of older homes. At GMP, we can even...

The economical choice

Calgary Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows are all the rage today because there isn't any part of them that can decay, no matter the weather conditions. They...

Vital for comfort and economy

Calgary Glass Windows
The type of glass in your window affects how comfortable you will be inside, depending on weather conditions. In summer, you may...