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How to choose the right window

If you want to know the difference between a casement and a sash window, or wonder if a skylight might be the solution, you need expert advice. Here are the basics that will help you to understand what questions to ask.

When you want maximum ventilation

Calgary Siding Windows
Sliding windows are very common because you can open them right up to allow maximum airflow. Unlike a traditional casement window...

Bring German engineering home

Calgary Tilt and Turn Windows
Energy efficient, airtight, secure, sound reducing — and so easy to clean GMP is one of the first North American installers to...

The original air conditioning

Calgary Casement Windows
A casement window is a configuration for an opening window that can be best described as a window that opens like a door....

Small but beautiful

Calgary Awning Windows
Windows that open are always more useful than those that don't. Sometimes, you want a window that opens a little, to allow air in...

The best views in the house

Calgary Picture Accent Windows
A picture window can best be described as a window that doesn’t open. And because it doesn’t have to open, it doesn’t have any...