Calgary Tilt and Turn Windows

Bring German engineering home

Energy efficient, airtight, secure, sound reducing — and so easy to clean

GMP is one of the first North American installers to be able to supply the latest in European window engineering. Developed in Germany, Innotech tilt and turn windows offer unparalleled levels of natural ventilation, security, insulation, and sound reduction. The unique abilities of these new windows to tilt on more than one axis can be traced to their distinctive frame technology.

Hybrid framing system

Several technologies combine to create a window that is extremely efficient but also very convenient for everyday use.

Multi-chamber frames and European PVC profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel. This allows for a unique multipoint locking hardware system — the secret of the ‘tilt and turn’ ability that literally allows you to turn your window inside out and upside down without taking it out of the frame.

Designed for harsh climates

The framing and sealing system that allows the windows to tilt and turn has the added advantage of being extremely airtight. For very hot or very cold temperatures, such as Southern Alberta, tilt and turn allows for almost complete ventilation — or complete seal.

Where natural ventilation is desirable, angling of tilt and turn frames can modify airflows to almost eliminate drafts.

Secure and safe

The frame of tilt and turn windows needs to be very strong -- every window has steel hardware bolted to the frame. This steel hardware not only makes the window very safe, allowing very large windows to be tilt, but it also makes the window very secure against tampering.

Due to their ability to open more fully than comparable windows, tilt and turn windows meet most building codes for safety egress, making them ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and basements.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier

Even if your windows are several storeys above ground, tilt and turn makes window-cleaning worry free. You simply tilt the window inside out, clean it and then turn it back. No need for ladders or stretching out with a squeegee.

Complete flexibility

Tilt and turn windows can be manufactured to your unique needs, including oversized windows, or French windows. You can combine them with picture windows, and can even add mullions or grids.

Greg Martineau is an independent dealer of Innotech Windows Canada, Inc.